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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  February 28, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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that is impressive. there is a power house low to the west of us. it's morning rain, some of it very heavy and then we will see bans coming in. the main headline is for friday is rain. there will be good amounts. the wind gusts 55. wind advisory until 10:00 this morning from sonoma county all the way down to monterey and possibility of thundershowers later on today. this is close to the radar site so it might look a little more ominous than it is. coming up from the south so favoring areas south bay santa clara valley and san jose and out toward livermore that is where the heaviest rain is right now. some of that is very heavy. not a cold system. mainly 50s. in fact 56 at sfo. look at that. we don't see that very often. the low itself will head toward central california and southern california but the mere fact it
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is right there will give us a day of rain and wind. heaviest in the morning will be some of the rainfall. breezy to windy again. 50s and low 60s. here is sal. steve, there is flooding all over the place out there. most of it in the south bay. first of all we will talk about that flooding in san jose. 87 at taylor. they have called for a hard closure in this area of san jose. but there is flooding everywhere. there is flooding in many other spots. some of the flooding they haven't discovered yet or you may not know about it. this morning for example as i drive into work, i saw a lot of puddles in the east bay near the bridges. that kind of thing. just be careful out there as you drive to work. we have a new report of a crash westbound 580 near greenville and there is flooding in the livermore valley reported. look at all the incidents here of fender benders already
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happening or correlated with the wet weather. so please be careful out there. this is a day where we need a lot more time. as i speak -- as i speak more flooding incidents are coming up. let's move along and take a look at 280. we had a report of a flooding here. northbound 280 at 17 they almost check that out. and if you are driving to the bay bridge westbound it is wet there. just got a new report of flooding. less than a minute old on san francisco. that one just came in. we will see what happens there. again you need extra time to drive because of the wet weather. let's go back to the desk. >> good thing sal is talking about flooding because definitely slow down, be careful the problems are just beginning this morning with rain falling for the next several hours the roads will be a mess. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is live in san francisco this morning. tara. >> reporter: the high winds and saturated ground made it easy
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for this tree to topple overnight here in the sunset district. as you take a look you can see how wet it got. it snapped right off. also it came within inches of the car right over there. and it is completely blocking 37th avenue here at lincoln. th roads have been a mess pretty much since the rain started. lots of pedals and slippery conditions. this crash happened around 2:30 this morning in the portola district. the driver lost control. slid up on the sidewalk against a building. luckily no one was hurt. on 18th and harrison a car spun out. police have not told us the cause of the accident but obviously the roads are wet. also this morning a car crash on 280 no one hurt in that incident but woman lanes were block -- but two lanes were blocked for awhile. give yourself enough braking distance and make sure your tires and windshield wipers are in good condition. many crews are working on
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chopping up this tree and getting it out of here before the morning rush. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> tara, thank you. there is also amazing pictures of flooding in the south bay. the san jose fire department tweeted these photos of flash flooding in the area of west santa clara and south autumn streets. it shows a car almost buried into to the windows. not just the rain but also the wind. parts of the bay area are under a wind advisory at this hour. strong and gusty winds are expected along the coastline. the east bay hills and northern salinas valley. the warning lasts until 10:00 this morning. gusts could reach 55 miles an hour. winds combining with already catch rated grounds could take
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down more trees and power lines. >> it's a monterey cypress. catch all the water. the limbs get quite heavy. >> emergency crews throughout the bay area are preparing for down trees and flooding. in marin county people are encouraged to sign up for emergency text alerts. contra costa public works is asking homeowners to prevent street flooding by keeping debris from storm drains. several flights have been canceled. they include united flights to southern california including ontario, palm springs, age orange county. more than 100 flights were canceled during wednesday's storm. oakland and mineta are not reporting any disruptions at this time. time is 4:35. while it is a mess here southern california is expected to receive the brunt of today's storm. a nine mile stretch of specific coast highway is closed this morning due to the threat of rock and mud slides.
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this was an odd picture yesterday when under a clear and sunny sky about a thousand people were ordered to evacuate. last month's colby fire scorched the hills above those homes. the concern is the soil that would normally soak up the rainwater will slide down the hill causing a mud slide. we want to see your photos of the storm as well. you can e-mail them to us at or post them on our facebook page. police activity has shut down a major road at pittsburg. a pickup truck slammed into a power pole at west tenth street and enterprise circle just before midnight. officers drew their weapons and formed a shield as they approached that truck. they were investigating a possible connection to a crime. now there was one person inside who was pronounced dead at the scene but it's unclear whether
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that person was the only one in the truck or if there was someone else who may have left the scene before officers arrived. that crash did take down a power line in the area. also this morning the chp continues to search for a gunman who opened fire on a crowded east bay freeway. that gunfire shut down a section of 580 during last night's rush hour commute. bullets hit the windshield, hood, and front grill of one person's black chevy's blazer. ktvu news got an exclusive interview with that driver. he was traveling on 580 when a passenger inside of a silver chevy fired a half a dozen shots at his suv. >> they pulled out a handgun i guess. all i did was duck. and slammed on the brakes. and got over as fast as i can.
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>> he says the silver chevy sped away. he was not hurt but the chp is asking witnesses to step forward. investigators want to talk to drivers that were in the area when that shooting happened which was about 3:40 yesterday afternoon. the witnesses should call the number on your screen. happening today the officers involved that rocked the san francisco police department are set to make their first court appearance this morning. the five police officers five face charges that could send them to prison for years. ktvu news broke the story yesterday. we learned the six are accused of taking part in a series of raids at san francisco residential hotels. those raids were captured on video. >> they were going into the rooms without warrants. and in some cases we believe they were stealing items and
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there was no, ma'am account -- no accountability. >> this was our worse fear. i don't know it gets any worse than this. >> the head of san francisco's police officer's association has released this statement. it says quote these indictments are apparently based on the questionable testimony of unreliable informant witnesses. a ground breaking ceremony will be held at san jose airport for a new terminal. this is what the new terminal will look like. they call it the google airport that is because google is paying half the cost. and five of the seven hangers are exclusively for google aircraft. a toll hike on the golden gate bridge is almost a done deal. they will vote on a plan to raise the toll to $7 starting in april. after that it will slowly increase to $8 over the year.
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now the hikes would be incremental. in april of this year the toll would go to $7. two years later it would be $7.25. then the next year $7.50. and finally $8 in 2018. for the second time in 24 hours store clerks have fought back and overpowered an armed robber. the latest happened wednesday night in san mateo. a 26-year-old parolee pointed a gun at the manager and demanded money but that manager grabbed the weapon and fought back. the whole thing was caught on video. you can see another employee joined in and the suspect was taken down and held by police. >> if it's my night to get shot he will come in and shoot me right away. if he came in with a small gun i would not do anything.
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but if he came in with a big gun, i knew it would be easy to take it away from him. >> despite what happened, police say it's not a good idea to resist someone with a gun. we got a firsthand look at inspections at a public housing complex in houston. >> hi we are here for the inspection. >> inspectors met with tenants. there are reports of bug problems and mold. tenants say they have had problems for years but the housing authority is not properly addressing their concerns. they say workers will be back to clean up after the inspections. >> any initial response is to apologize for any time that we have dropped the ball. >> not far from that place is
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the hacienda. inspections there were completed yesterday. some tenants there are working with lawyers to file a federal complaint. the city manager says all inspections of public housing in richmond should be completed by next wednesday. 4:41 is the time. they found $10 million worth of gold coins. but coming up at 5:00 the reason a northern california couple will have to give up a big portion of their new wealth. >> and a phone that self- destructs. >> storm moving through. driving will be an adventure. >> first part of the system is coming in and giving us rain rates that rim pressive. plus the barometric system is dropping rapidly.
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welcome back. you are taking a live look at our storm tracker 2. on the left. san francisco international airport on the right. the storm is expected to have an impact at all of the bay area airports as well. so be aware if you do have a flight today. steven will be back in a couple minutes with all the latest we need to know on the storm. it took awhile but ski resorts getting the snow they have been looking for all season. some areas are expected to see six inches to more than a foot of new snow. if you are planning to head to the sierra this weekend, make sure to carry those chains. >> along with new snow, there is a bit of good news when it comes to the drought. state officials say we have a long ways to go. the northern sierra is at 15% of normal. the central sierra is doing better at 32% of normal. while the southern sierra is at
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24%. they conducted the monthly check of the snow deaths and water content yesterday. officials say february storms have improved the numbers but it's three sometimes what it should be right now. >> right now 4:47 is the time. sal obviously going to be very busy as well. you mentioned a lot of flooding. i hit a lot of standing water on the freeway. definitely slow down. >> we are also getting word that 680 at 24 as you come up northbound a couple different people told me the ramp is really stretchous because of standing water. just be careful out there. there is too much for me to mention all of it. there is a lot of standing water and some of it is significant enough to close the entire freeway. we have a new accident i want to mention right now. this is northbound 680. it's blocking all of the lanes as they sort things out.
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northbound 87 at taylor all the lanes are blocked by flooding in that area. so the south bay must be getting pelted with pretty good rain. we have a lot of flooding reported there. let's move along to san francisco. this traffic is moving along okay approaching the 80 split. but you can tell it is wet. the east span on the bridge the traffic is still looking good here. it doesn't look like it's raining there now. traffic looks good about an eight minute drive across. let's go to steve. >> thank you. our system just heard from robbie he says my backyard is flooded. it's pouring. there are breaks to the west. wind advisory is out until 10:00 this morning. coast and hills and gusts 50 miles an hour. the heaviest though i still think santa cruz mountain is down to monterey. this is definitely a storm. you get the wind and rain
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associated with it. the low all track very close to us and then take a dive toward big sur. up toward minute vino county and lake county. it looks like things are picking up in intensity toward lake county. but also some areas yountville and santa rosa where who see the yellow and orange. but other areas are getting a little bit of a break. east bay as well. it will be a dicey commute. coming toward the altamont pass right in livermore it will will be really tough. and then toward the santa clara valley. you can see the yellow back into the santa cruz mountains. 50s for most. barometric pressure is 29.38 inches of pressure. airport that is very low. east 24 at napa. so we are getting that easterly breeze. why? because high pressure is to the east and low pressure big low pressure to the west. sfo even east, due east at 17.
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that is not something we do see. you can see the last few frames watch how it starts to dive. see right there it is heading toward central california and us. the projection for rainfall completely under done in the santa cruz mountains. trust me completely under done. everywhere else looks pretty good to me. rain and wind. heaviest in the morning. but then any bands can swing in at any time until the low gets south of us. 60s on the temps for most. upper 50s and low 60s. very unsettled pattern today but there will be some areas you don't get any rain at all but we will carry some rain into saturday and quick kick out on sunday. >> don't forget for the very latest on the storm go to our website at there you will find the storm tracker 2 radar and more information on how it will impact your commute. both this morning and this afternoon. now we are continuing to cover
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new developments in ukraine where armed men took control of the main airport. it's not clear who the men are but you can see they are patrolling the airport with say all the rifles -- with assault rifles. one of the men told us that they are volunteers to want to make sure that radicals from the capitol do not fly in to make trouble. the coast guard now searching for a man who is sailing alone from hawaii to san francisco. a friend notified the coast guard yet that they sent a text message that says quote i lost my life raft. in danger now. he left helo earlier this month on a 24-foot sailboat named peer pressure. time is 4:51. a california appeals court ruling could change how drivers are allowed to use their cell
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phone. steven sprig says he didn't deserve a traffic ticket when he was on his phone at a stoplight. checking a phone that way can still be considered under broader distracted driving laws. >> more distracting than texting? i don't think it should be an exemption. >> anything that takes your eyes off the road for more than a few seconds, you probably shouldn't have it. >> the attorney general has 90 days to request a review before the ruling goes into wide- spread effect. meantime a leading name in aircraft plans to release what it calls a self-disinstructing smart phone this summer. it is called the boeing black and it erases all of its data if someone breaks into their phone.
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it will incrept all calls and store data. boeing hasn't said how much it will cost. free muni passes for certain people in san francisco. the big name company that is footing the bill. >> and voting for the face of baseball. how a baseball player is close to clenching that title and how you can help get him that spot.
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>> google's mystery barge may be leaving the bay area and heading up to the delta to stockton. it has been at a construction site for the past few months. they said it didn't have a permit to stay there and would have to move. google has said the four story
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structure will become a floating technology education center. we are just a few hours away from finding out who will be the face of major league baseball. it could be a player from right here in the bay area. for the last week major league baseball has been asking baseball fans to go to twitter to vote for their favorite player and boy, they are. they are saying retweet. it's down to the final two. right now david wright is ahead with 2% of the vote. so tweet, tweet, tweet. coming up a big storm moving through the bay area right now and it is causing a lot of problems out there. it is there is a flash flooding in san jose and at least one driver was stranded. janine de la vega will have more on the rescue and how the flood is effecting traffic. on the sunol grade we have slow traffic but we have a lot of flooding out there. all over the place in the south bay and the east bay and the north bay. we will tell you more about what is going on because of the wet weather.
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>> it looks like the main blast of rain has gone through now. it will turn more showery in nature. but we are not done with the wind.
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good morning. flash flooding in san jose
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right now. at least one driver trapped. we just talked to the victim and ktvu janine de la vega will have a live report from the rescue scene. >> a tree down until san francisco. similar scenes expected all over the bay area. the big problems we are already seeing because of this storm. >> one person is dead after a truck slams into a power pole in pittsburgh early this morning. we will show you the unusual response by police after this accident. the ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now. good morning. we want to take you live to san francisco this morning. the tree we showed you that was down at 4:30 this morning. the good news is it has been cleared. just the beginning of


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